IN YOUR POCKET: After Midnight 

DEADLINE: February 23, 2015

The immediacy and intimacy offered by smart phone technology is an intriguing way to explore how we record ourselves and each other. Presented during the 2015 Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, IN YOUR POCKET is a curated video program inviting artists to explore these recording technologies in their own personal ways.

For the 4th edition of IN YOUR POCKET: After Midnight, the RT Collective invites artists to ponder the nightlife. In particular, that moment just after midnight and how it plays itself in our imaginations and realities.

Marking the turning of dates, in popular culture the time just after midnight is one of exciting change and events: bells chime, men turn into beasts, witches celebrate the moon, and the princess turns back into Cinderella. For queer people this is a time of making connection; in bars and parks and more recently through digital platforms. It’s a time when queer people openly occupy streets, spilling out from bars and clubs, taking them over with self-expression. It’s also a time of harassment and homophobic attacks, with the darkness of the night providing cover for the attackers.

Artists will be asked to create work around this theme. Selected works will screen as part of the 2015 Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival at an off-site venue.

In an exciting development for this edition, the RT Collective will shift from a submissions- based model to proposal-based model. Unlike past programs where artists were asked to submit complete works for consideration, this year we will ask artists to submit project descriptions and offer a budget/screening fee of $200 to selected projects. This micro-commissioning model not only means more money for artists, but also that artists have a guarantee of having their works screened before completing them.


  • Artists must be based in Canada. For collaborations at least one artist must be based in Canada. 
  • Works must be recorded on a smart phone, iPad, or webcam (editing can happen on a computer)
  • Completed works should be 4 minutes or less 
  • Works should address the theme After Midnight from an LGBTTIQQ2S perspective
  • Proposals must be submitted via email using the attached form.
  • Proposals submitted without the form or with incomplete information will be deemed ineligible.
  • Proposals must include a link to one previously created video work. The jury will watch a maximum of 4 minutes.
  • First time video makers are welcome. In the event you have never made a video, include a link to some other artistic project you have previously created.
  • Proposals received after the deadline will not be excepted.
  • Selected artists will be notified in March 2015.
  • Completed proposals must be received by February 23, 2015.
The submission form is available here
Email questions and submission to: info [at] rtcollective [dot] ca