Below you will find a selection of works produced through our programs.

12 Dongs (2015)
Grey Muldoon and Claro Cosco
Mundane places become magical in time through the emotionally charged moments that occur in and around them.


Ageless (2013)
Heath Daniels
A reflection on the benefits of an older lover on the eve of their birthday.


Bedroom Artist (2015)
Mée Rose
A dance film documenting through smartphone POV the imperceptible changes that happen to the body after midnight.

Get Off (2015)
Jonathan Morton Schuster
A late night web-cam chat between two strangers who met on grindr and are afraid of hookups leading to a humorous conversation about sexual insecurities and fantasies.


Hide & Seek (2013)
Aries Cheung
What seems a chance encounter in a park turns out to be a more complicated story.


Labels (2013)
Clement Ngo
Is desire and curiosity enough to designate you a label?


Momentary (2014)
Tera Mallette
A short exploration of a moment, a fleeting instance of attraction.                                                          

My Mind Wanders When You're Looking (2015)
Gein Wong
When one is in love every moment is full of wonder and potential, of desire and lust.


Necromantic (2015)
Mark Pariselli
In the tradition of Todd Haynes’ Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, a blackly comic ode to gay necrophilia dramatized by Ken dolls.


Neutered (2015)
J.P. Larocque
A cat’s eye view of the images frequently associated with the gay nightlife - clubs, bars, sex-spaces juxtaposed with those of gay life in the age of mainstream acceptance - domesticity, monogamy, capitalism and boredom.

News From Nowhere (2013)
Jesse Todd and Thom Emberton
An erotic and poetic exploration of the body transformed.

Phil Dancing in Toronto's Gay Village (2014)
Phil Villeneuve and Sofonda Cox
Another installment of Phil dancing in public for the public.


Satellite (2015)
Daniel McIntyre 
Salting the roads at night, being fascinated by the sky.


Selenography (2015)
Francisco-Fernando Gránados 
A humorous ode to the Moon and its study.


Strangers in the Night (2015)
Calden Harber and Camilla R. Nicolaisen A Norwegian poet’s concealed queer identity and a cover of Frank Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night form the basis of this rumination on longing and the limits of Tindr

Take is Off (2013)
Steven Beckly 
A playful exercise in delayed gratification.


Touched by a Soucouyant (2015)
Natalie Wood
Inspired by the Caribbean folktale character, here two women meet and share an intimate night together but the morning is not as we would like it to be.

What Else is There? (2015)
James MacLean
As a man realizes the repetition of his life his world begins to unravel.