The RT Collective is a curatorial team made up of Marcin Wisniewski, Christophe Dupuis, and a variable collection of collaborators operating mostly in Toronto (but sometimes in other places) since around 2013. 

We present media art screenings and exhibitions, produce catalogues, write essays, host panel discussions, and lead workshops. Operating within a continuously redefined collaborative structure, we aim to examine, question, and ultimately deconstruct traditional curatorial models and institutional structures. In doing so, we propose alternative relationships between curators, artists, and publics, facilitating the development of new models in the creation, presentation, and distribution of art.

We operate primarily (but not exclusively) on a "micro-commissioning" model. Instead of selecting finished works for our projects we instead seek proposals for new (non-existent) pieces which we then fund with small amounts of money (which we hope will get bigger over time). To date we have facilitated the creation of more than 100 original works, involving more than 250 artists.